CoCoMECH keyboards

These mechanical keyboard are in the standard CoCo3 key layout and feature Gateron green keyswitches and custom laser markings.  View the project page here for the story on how and why I developed these.  There’s an installation video at the bottom of the page.  Make sure your system has a full set of the proper case screws for best results.

At present, only CoCo3 installation kits are available.  A set of CoCo3 supports will be shipped with each keyboard.  Installation kits for other machines will be available in the future.

Find a keyboard with a keycap scheme you like and select your shipping option.  Then click ‘Buy now’ to be directed to Paypal for payment.

Color Computer 3 keyboard - 01
Color Computer 3 keyboard - 01
Key colors as pictured. Click the image for a larger picture.
Price: $125.00