Video Adapters

CoCo 2 Composite Video & Sound (Type A)
Upgrade your CoCo2 with composite video and sound via this RF modulator replacement. Provides composite and audio in one 1/8" jack where the RF jack used to be. A headphones jack to dual RCA connector cable is needed. Desoldering and removing the RF modulator is required to install (see project page for details). The channel switch chooses between sharp B&W or color output. Fits CoCo2 models with the channel switch to the side of the RF jack. No case mods required. NTSC machines only.
Price: $40.00
This video adapter connects to the RGB port on the bottom of your CoCo 3 and provides s-video and composite output. Dramatically better video quality than the built-in composite. Minor internal mod required to install (one wire and clip two resistors) see project page for details and to determine if this adapter is for you. Manual at the bottom of the project page. Compatible with both '86 and '87 versions of the GIME chip. Includes converter, USB power cable and extension, ribbon cable, s-video cable, and wire for internal mod.
Price: $50.00