Cartridges & MPI’s

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The CoCoDAC is an Orchestra 90cc clone, that adds 8-bit stereo audio DACs to your Color Computer or Dragon. Fully compatible with the Orchestra 90cc, it includes two 16K banks containing ROMs for both machines. It uses a standard 27256 type ROM, so you could easily replace it with your own code if desired. The two banks are selectable via a switch next to the stereo output jack. Includes 3d printed case.
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The CoCo PSG cartridge adds a YMF-2149 sound chip, 512K FLASH, 512K SRAM, and joystick ports to any Color Computer. Does not work with original software from back in the day as this is a new addition to available CoCo hardware. For the programmer and experimenter. Can be used with Drivewire (HDB-DOS included on the flash), but an MPI is recommended. See the project page for more information. Includes 3d printed case. New case design!
Price: $50.00


The MEGA mini is a four slot MPI for the Tandy Color Computer line that also adds two high-speed UARTs, OPL3 sound chip, and more to your CoCo. No commercial software from back in the day will automatically use the extended features, but if you're a programmer, programming information is available in the manual. See the project page for more information. Includes power supply. Choose your shipping option below.
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Exactly like the MEGA mini MPI, but without the serial ports at a reduced cost. Still includes the OPL3 sound system and other features. See the MEGA mini project page for information on the features. Includes power supply. Choose your shipping option below.
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MEGA-mini USB module
MEGA-mini USB module
Add dual USB to UART bridges to your MEGA-mini. For connecting your system to a modern computer via USB cable. Uses FTDI FT232BL bridge ICs, and supports baud rates up to 921600. Module plugs into MEGA-mini UART expansion port as pictured. See the project page for more details.
Price: $30.00

Super compact two slot MPI. This is a real MPI with bus arbitration through the MPI register (not a simple Y-cable). Use your CoCo SDC or other disk controller, and still have a slot for another cart while conserving your deskspace! Power supply is included. See the project page for more details and user manual.
Price: $75.00