MPI’s, CoCo SDC, etc…

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The CoCo SDC provides floppy drive emulation and more for all Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computers and Dragon 32/64/Tano. Comes complete with case as pictured. Extended Color BASIC is required on CoCo 1/2. SD card is NOT included.
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The CoCo PSG cartridge adds a YMF-2149 sound chip, 512K FLASH, 512K SRAM, and joystick ports to any Color Computer. Does not work with original software from back in the day as this is a new addition to available CoCo hardware. For the programmer and experimenter. Can be used with Drivewire (HDB-DOS included on the flash), but an MPI is recommended. See the project page for more information. Includes 3d printed case. New case design!
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The MEGA mini is a four slot MPI for the Tandy Color Computer line that also adds two high-speed UARTs, OPL3 sound chip, and more to your CoCo. No commercial software from back in the day will automatically use the extended features, but if you're a programmer, programming information is available in the manual. See the project page for more information. Includes power supply and audio cable. Choose your shipping option below.
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MEGA-mini USB module
MEGA-mini USB module
Add dual USB to UART bridges to your MEGA-mini. For connecting your system to a modern computer via USB cable. Uses FTDI FT232BL bridge ICs, and supports baud rates up to 921600. Module plugs into MEGA-mini UART expansion port as pictured. See the project page for more details. Includes one USB cable.
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This video adapter connects to the RGB port on the bottom of your CoCo 3 and provides s-video and composite output. Dramatically better video quality than the built-in composite. Minor internal mod required to install (one wire and clip two resistors) see project page for details and to determine if this adapter is for you. Manual at the bottom of the project page. Compatible with both '86 and '87 versions of the GIME chip. Includes converter, USB power cable and extension, ribbon cable, s-video cable, and wire for internal mod.
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ECB module
This module adds Extended Color BASIC to your American motherboard CoCo2 or 'F' board CoCo1 by plugging into the empty ROM socket.
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CoCo3FPGA Analog Board
Add an analog board to your CoCo3FPGA DE-1 system. This board connects to the DE-1 development board (not included) adding the following features to your CoCo3FPGA; 4MB of SRAM, WiFi and RTC modules, two joystick ports, and an additional RS-232 serial port. Includes a new clear top-plate and a full set of standoffs.
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