Color Computer 2 composite board

CoCo2 Composite Video Out Board with Sound

This circuit uses the MC1372 video modulator ic to convert the component outputs of the MC6847 into a composite signal.  This is the same chip used in the RF modulator box in the Color Computer.

I have tested this circuit and it works pretty well.  Here is the schematic.

CoCo2 composite video board schematic

And the board layout.

CoCo2 Composite Out Layout

And here is a newer revision of this board with adjustable output voltage levels and an optional (very clear) B&W output.

It does a decent job, but of course I’m looking for ways to improve it. The switch is for Color/B&W modes, this could simply be jumpered instead, or wires could be run to a switch on the case.

Composite out

Close up of plug-in headers…

Header detail

Back view of the installation…

Output jacks

Output on small, low-res CRT…

Galactic Fighter



B&W mode….

B&W mode

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