CoCo Chiptunes Player

The CoCo Chiptunes player is a little application I wrote to help with development of the Mega-mini MPI with it’s built-in YMF-262 (OPL3) FM synthesis chip.  It also supports the CoCo PSG (Yamaha YM2149), and will be updated to support other CoCo sound chip devices as they are made available, such as Jim Brain’s CoCo SDC Expander.

The program uses a menu system similar to the CoCo SDC Media Player’s to browse and select files on the SD card for playback.


CoCo Chiptunes Player

Both OPL2, OPL3, and YM files that have been converted to .CCT (CoCo Chiptune) format can be played back.  Initially, the system required a CoCo PSG to be in the multipak, as it utilized the 512K RAM chip there for storage when playing chip data.  With version .3, the player now utilizes a ring buffer in upper RAM, and no longer requires extended memory beyond 64K.

Requirements for use currently are; a 64K CoCo 1/2/3, a Mega-mini MPI, or any other MPI and a CoCo PSG.  A 6309 CPU, and a CoCo SDC is also required.

Attached at the end of this page, you’ll find a link to a .DSK image with the player.  To run the program, simply mount the image in drive 0 using your SDC, and type ‘DOS’, then press enter.  From there browse to a .CCT meant for your particular sound device and hit enter to play it.  The ‘BREAK’ key will exit playback and return you to the browser menu.

At the link you’ll also find a zip containing .CCT files to play.  Unzip the file and copy the .CCT’s over to your SD card containing the player .DSK image.  It’s a work in progress so there may be a glitch or two, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.  🙂

I haven’t had an opportunity to test every file included, and not all of them are great, but there’s definitely some gems in there.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Download the Player!




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